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Polyester/Cotton Fabrics


Our popular Teredo is now available with 37.5 thermoregulatory technology that keeps the body’s core temperature at the optimum - 37.5 degrees.

These embedded active particles absorb water from the skin before it condenses and speeds up evaporation from clothing keeping the microclimate around the skin’s surface dry and comfortable. Whether working in hot or cold climates, Teredo with 37.5 technology uses infrared energy emitted from the body to warm you up or cool you down. The particles, derived from volcanic sand which are permanently embedded so the properties do not wash out.

Fabric Detail
Weight : 200 GSM
Finish : Crease resist finish
Weave : 2/1 twill
Composition :
  • 40% Polyester
  • 35% Cotton
  • 25% Cocona 37.5
Key Features
  • Suitable for industrial laundering
  • 37.5 thermoregulation technology
  • Helps keep the body at the optimum core temperature of 37.5 degrees
  • Fast drying rate
  • Naturally derived 37.5 particles
  • 37.5 properties are permanent
  • Traps odour and releases when washing

On-line Colours - please contact us for information on new additions to the colour range, including those available through the special dye service which may be subject to minimum meterage orders

  • Please note this item has no stock supported colours but can be ordered with a minimum order quantity of 3000 metres .